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Stupid Video: Awesome memories

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So, I was toolin' around in my Flickr site looking for an image to use for some wacky dumb project and I stumbled across the stupidest video ever.

It's a video of the Little Black Dog (tm) flapping her legs in the sunshine. But what's going on the image is not what makes this video warm my heart on a long cold day in early march. What warms my heart is the soundtrack.

Two-year-old Gaia, clearly sitting in a pool of water, is asking me to identify a bucket. And it is so important that she asks me five times.

Gaia: Is this the bucket daddy?
Is this the bucket daddy?
Is this the bucket daddy?
Is this the bucket daddy?
Is this the bucket dad?

Gabe: Yeah. That's a bucket.

Gaia: Why?
Why's that a bucket?

This is what the flip video was invented for people. It's also why I keep all my raw flip footage, even though there is more of it than I'll ever be able to parse. You never know what is the golden footage that will warm your heart when you need it most. Data storage is cheap and plentiful in this day and age. Roll with it, people.

Dance the summer away

This is Gaia and her cousin dancing to Clarence Clearwater, a navajo singer who plays the traditional songs in a non-traditional way. It's pretty good stuff. I shot this video at Indian Summerfest on Friday night.
One of the songs Clarence played was a song called "Skip Dance," which he described as a "ladies choice" dance wherein a girl would ask a boy to dance, and if the boy did, he is obligated to give the girl a quarter. Thats a prett sweet deal for the girls.
I explained to Gaia what "Ladies choice" meant and invited her to go up and dance. She grabbed a girl-- a stranger from the audience-- and they both went up to the front of the stage then and danced their little hearts out. Clearwater seemed to think it was pretty neat, too, because he vamped a little bit in the middle of the song and pointed the girls out to the croud. Check out Clearwater's stuff. He's got samples on his Web site.
Gaia then danced with her cousin Aurora as well as with her daddy. It was a great capper to a great summer.

The Festival!

Gaia made us go to a local church festival this weekend. Seriously. She made us go. We had no choice. We rode our bikes down to the church and then went inside to be judged.

She had a great time. I mean, who wouldn't have a great time leaping around inside a giant inflatable squarepant?
Regardless, I'm glad she made us go.

Although it was not quite the right weight distribution, the girl and I had a great time kayakin’ up north this weekend.

Did you see that the Girl and I have a new toy? Our tandem kayak is lots of fun, and the whole family can fit in it if we need to. Fortunately, J. gets to ride in her Grandmothers Otter, so Gaia and I have lots of room to ourselves.

Kayak Trip

Although, I prefer to ride in the front seat, it keeps the back end from being a little too low in the water. Now we know for next time.

Here’s a video that, for no good reason, employs a rather foreboding score.

Here's a mess of Photos from the Flikah if you're interested.

Doug talks about opening everything

Although my masterful interviewing made editing pretty much unnecessary, skills Mr. Pete did a masterful job of clipping this conversation down in to a really nice package.

Open Everything from Pete Prodoehl on Vimeo.

About 40 people or so attended the OpenCamp Madison (An Open Everything Event) on April 18th. Doug was the only one we got around to interviewing. C’est la Vi!

Good times, Good times.

Directors Cuts

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This video, for what it's worth, represents the final moments of the featured computer's life. Shortly after we put it away, the power button fell out, and we have been unable to turn it back on since.

Flickr cut off the last 20 seconds, where my daughter's geek cred, skyrockets when she asks "Where's the Firefox!"
Gaia loves her some Firefox.

Driving one handed

If you see black ice forming on your ride home tonight, be sure to get out your flip video so you can make some movies of it.

My Sister's Card is her revenge for the ballpit.

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Great idea for Bucketworks Outreach

Robot Parade from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Love this idea. A Robot Parade at Bucketworks would be an awesome fundraiser/outreach project.